Normobaric capsules

Delgreen company is a producer of normobaric capsules.

Delgreen normobaric capsules occur in the various dimensions. Considering the demands of our clients, we can produce capsules which can accommodate more than several dozen people. Each capsule is equipped with the connection lock, which allows convenient entry and exit form the normobaric capsule. Our offer provides the production of the sleeping quarters as well as the sanitary facilities with an access to utilities.

In the whole chamber of the normobaric capsule the pressure amounts to 1500 h Pa, which through the connection with an adequate capacity of carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen, we can obtain an atmosphere which functions in harmony with our body, and brings tremendous effects to our organism.

Delgreen’s normobaric capsules:


Capsules are destined to the yearlong use

Without any construction permits

Capsule can be mount outside as well as inside of the facility

It is destined to accommodate 100 people

The capsule is well adapted for the people in wheelchairs. (great amount of patients after strokes)

The duration of the treatment – 1,30 hr.

Night treatment from 8 to 12 hours

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