About us – JASTEF group

Jastef Group, which is combined of our other companies is the oldest functioning company group in our region. From the very beginning, we were concentrating on processing and welding various steal elements.

During our 60 years old activity, we generated thousands of boilers and steal containers. Our company started to specialise in production of underground containers and aboveground oil tanks as well as comprehensive installation systems in oil technology sector, industrial, gas and C.O installations.

What is more, we are producing advanced class 5 boilers. We owns all required warrants from the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) to produce pressure equipments, boilers and tanks for liquid, flammable and dangerous materials. What is more, our company received entitlements which give us possibility to produce, modernise and repair tanks, silos used to store loose material, overhead cranes, hoists, stationary cranes and all technologically and technically advanced devices, used in almost every industrial branch. Moreover, we are responsible for the realisation of any orders associated with installation of steel constructions.


We owns production halls, equipped with single – girder overhead crane, which allows realisation of almost every order. All of our products have necessary documentations and their quality is controlled by the Quality Control Department.