NOrmobaric Chamber


Normobaric chamber features atmospheric pressure conditions (1500 hPa) which have the most favorable effects on people’s health and longevity

The researches indicates that the therapy with the use of higher baric pressure gives positive results, as follows:

  • It decreases inflammations through the oxygenation of all the cells in human body

  • It accelerates the development of new blood vessels

  • It stimulates the recovery of linings

  • It activates skin cells – fibroblasts, therefore stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin flexible

  • It inhibits the aging process

  • It significantly reduce the swelling of damaged tissues

  • It increases the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts – the cells which are responsible for the health of bones

  • It improves the supplying of the nutrients to the farthest cells of our organism

  • it boosts the physical and mental capacity as well as the ability to remember things and learn something new

  • It prominently improves the oxygenation of all cells in human body

Through higher hydrogen content the division of the cells in our body is significantly inhibited, what therefore elongates our lifetime and inhibits the aging process of our organism. Hydrogen, due to its anti-oxidative features eradicates all free radicals which are responsible for the cells aging.

Through higher carbon dioxide content in blood, our cells better absorb the oxygen which is extremely necessary, especially in our capillaries.