Production of Normobaric Chamber



The products of Delgreen company are Normobaric Chambers, shich use natural features of higher pressure, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide in order to heal and improve health .



The most important element in every single chamber is stable, solid and airtight construction, which can maintain the inner pressure of 1500 hPa. Another crucial element is lock, through which the effortless entry and exiting in every moment is possible. Normobric chambers are adjusted to the outer and inner installation, it is attainable through the usage of the best quality building materials, which are durable and rustless. Our chambers can function throughout the year and are adapted for people with disabilities.


The very first step in creating fully functioning Normobaric Chamber is the project, through which the rest of the steps will lead us to ”the goal”. Each chamber is designed by our team of qualified designers who pay attention to the needs and wishes of our clients, simultaneously they follow all requirements and guidelines which are crucial for these types of projects.

Each chamber is unique and custom-made, the shape, size and throughput depends on clients’ wishes. The designers, working for Delgreen company have many years of experience and each order is treated by them as a challenge that must be met.


Last but not least is the realization. Qualified locksmiths and welders are responsible for the best realization of all mechanical and structural elements. Electrics and automation specialists watch on the chambers’s fixtures, which are supposed to maintain a proper breathing mixture and an appropriate pressure during the functioning of the normobaric chamber. Moreover, our installers make sure that everything in the interior looks the same as on the project. The last steps are tests, quality control and the normobaric chamber is ready.